Strategic Planning


How is your business doing today? …  What are your top challenges? … Where do you want to be tomorrow? 

Many executives know where they want their organization to be, but developing and communicating your mission, vision, values and goals across the organization is not easy while focusing on current business challenges.

This is where Collam Consulting can help-

Collam Consulting will work with you to assess your strengths and challenges and help create or update your strategic plan that will enable your organization to align and prioritize their work.

Collam Consulting has a broad range of experience across various industries in the private and public sectors, including non-profits, employers, educators, government and military organizations. This has bolstered creative thinking skills that will help you in devising and communicating your strategic plan.

Change Management


Change is good…  Change is difficult…  Change is inevitable.

Change is necessary for any successful organization to maintain a competitive edge. The people aspect is crucial to ensuring that changes are efficient, effective, and sustainable. It starts with executive level sponsorship and active support for the change effort. It involves taking into consideration the potential impact of change on stakeholders- those who may be impacted by change- and gaining buy-in. It involves up-front and frequent communication.

Changes may consist of leaning or redesigning current processes, implementing a new product, service or technology, or realigning resources to better serve the business and your supply chain.

Collam Consulting is experienced in conducting stakeholder analyses, developing communication plans aligned with a change implementation plan, and effectively communicating with all levels of stakeholders.

Process Improvement


Do you know how to identify waste in your processes? … How long does it take to provide your product or service to the customer? … What are your customer pain points? 

In order to stay competitive, processes should be continually examined and improved not only to simplify operations and reduce costs, but to promote collaboration and innovation among your employees.

Collam Consulting has training, certification, and experience in Lean, Six Sigma, and other Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) methodologies and can help you not only in applying CPI tools and techniques to attain tactical improvements, but in training your employees in order to provide self-reliance and organic growth for sustainability.

Talent Innovation 

What is your reputation? … Are you able to attract and retain employees? … How do you promote your organization in the local community? 

There is not so much a shortage of job seekers as there is a misunderstanding/mismatch of employer needs and job seeker skills and wants. In order to be competitive in 2020, organizations facing high turnover need to review their end-to-end talent management process (sourcing, hiring, developing, retaining, promoting) including its people, process, data, and platforms. Innovation requires a dedicated effort to review and understand the current state and gaps in order to create an impactful future state.

Collam Consulting has a broad network of colleagues, employers, educators, and community and government workforce organizations around Richmond, as well as across the country, focused on talent innovation.

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